Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Favorite Color

A child taken apart loses things
Like the ability to reach out
Or the ability to be
Confidence in who you are, is what is needed to
Be able to accomplish, and do all you do
I had a favorite day and one time
But for some reason, I can’t find it in my mind
I think it was yellow bright like the sun
It was a color in the rainbow, I just can’t remember which one
It could have been red or blue or orange or green
But whatever it was was a part of me
I lost that child, in a swamp of bad stuff...
I am regaining her spirit today, but it’s been rough
I can’t remember which color was a favorite of mine
It was special, and seeing it made me feel divine
That color, was my favorite back then
Since I am starting my life and beginning again...
I’ve decided to choose a new color...its true!
It can’t be red or green or blue
You must be a mixture of colors I’ve seen
Because it needs to reflect the mixture of me
I have chosen this color as a new beginning in time
It is my color of reflects my life
It is Peach…Yes!... that's my favorite color today
It is my life, and a representative in a way
Of a beginning for a me, a truth that I feel
Peach is my favorite color, and that’s a big deal!


  1. Love it! Mine used to be blue and black....don't think it was really my favorite color...just the one I grew up feeling comfortable with because I was so dark and blue, you know?'s pink and purple!

  2. All shade of blue from lightest sky blue to darkest indigo to shades of tuquoise and teal have always been my favorite colors. I also like the warmth of black because it is the combination of all colors added together. Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog over the weekend.

  3. I love forrest green and royal blue. Blessings to you.

  4. Thank you to Veronica, Patricia and JBR for reading and sharing your favorite color...I read your comments and suddenly felt a joy of childhood like when you are coloring a picture and sharing crayons... :)Thanks for sharing your favorite "crayons" colors with me...

  5. I love SO MUCH that you have made a decision on a new favorite color. One that speaks to you as a child and you as an adult now.

    I had a long road with the color yellow - but now it is my favorite, and one I take much joy in.

  6. @Tracie, Thank you for posting on my blog... it is such a joy when as a person you can speak up and say "MY" or "I"... It is personal. It is who we are and something as simple as a favorite color for me was more like an identification... It is a piece of me...
    Thank you for sharing with me your favorite color