Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My name is Touched2MySoul

I get asked “Where did that name come from?” and "How did you come up with it?" Well, very simply….

It describes my life….

My soul was touched a first time - My childhood - Nothing hurt as much as what was done to my soul.. .to my being.. To the essence of who I was supposed to be….

My soul was touched a second time - My adulthood - Nothing healed as much as my belief that “someone prayed for me“ and out of that my adult life has been blessed with the things I didn’t learn or experience as a child….Trust, love, joy, strength, safety, touch, ….Being heard, listening, tears, smiles, joys,  laughs and most importantly my soul…. I am now getting to experience my soul and who I am….. who I am supposed to be.

I’ve been touched to my soul … twice…Once on the hurt going in…and a second time on the joys coming out…

I am Touched 2 My Soul… very nice to meet you!


  1. I'm so glad that you shared that! It's really beautiful!

  2. @Veronica Thank you... Your support here is much appreciated!